Product Spotlight

This is our fun page.   Give these videos a few minutes of your time so you can quickly understand some of the technologies and Channel Partners that we work with everyday…  We will update this page often.   

VAC-U-MAX Signature Series

The Signature SeriesTM line of vacuum conveying systems offer quick and easy vacuum conveying solutions for applications in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, nonwovens and plastics industries, for free-flowing & non-free flowing powders and granular materials.

Magnum Systems (Smoot/Taylor)

The Smoot line of pneumatic conveying systems and the Taylor line of dry bulk packaging equipment strengthen the Magnum brand.

With nearly a century of experience in application knowledge, material handling, pneumatic conveying, and packaging, we understand you want a process system with a strong return on investment. Selling you solutions that don’t meet your need for efficiencies won’t cut it. Instead, we customize a solution for all your material handling needs in diverse end markets like food, agriculture, chemical, industrial minerals and plastics, just as we have for more than 10,000 other customers.

VAC-U-MAX Continuous-Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The system is designed for high volume vacuum recovery of high-density materials such as steel shot, grit, cement, foundry sand, and similar materials. The Model 1050 vacuums up to 10,000 lbs (4,500 kg) per hour of materials such as Portland cement from distances up to 30 feet (9m) away. High volume recovery can be done at local pick-up point areas such as debris under conveyor belts or in bucket elevator pits, as well as a “breakaway” central system for long-distance cleaning via piping networks for applications including cleaning mezzanines and hard-to-reach areas.

Rhewum - WA(U)

The technology used directly excites the screen using electromagnetic vibrating heads (WA) or small unbalanced motors (WAU). This movement reduces friction and wear that normal vibratory and gyroscopic screeners cause. Also, with a static housing, your machine’s wear and energy consumption will reduce.

Eirich/American Process Systems - Optimablend

How long does it take for your product to blend? An hour? 45 minutes? 10 minutes? This fluidizing paddle blender typically cuts mixing down to 60 SECONDS or less (seriously). Recommended for applications in which high shear is unnecessary or low shear is a requirement for a fragile product .

Mikropul - CascadAir

Mikropul has proven to be an industry leader in air pollution control after their patent of the pulse jet dust collector. After 8 years of R&D they have 2 new patents that are becoming standard. The Advantaflow CascadAir  diffuser (pictured on left) and Expandiffuse inlet. These technologies extend bag life and reduce dust re-entrainment by reducing the velocity of air coming into the inlet and evening air flow out into stages.

Brabender Technologie -FlexWall FW80

This Loss-in-weight gravimetric feeder is a good option if you see a lot of scaling on your current feeder. With a flexible polyurethane hopper and paddles to massage the walls, particles will flow down with ease. Best results are with material without an extreme angle of repose and moister content.